Flushmount Pro [Supply]
Flushmount Pro [Supply]
Flushmount Pro [Supply]
Flushmount Pro [Supply]
Flushmount Pro [Supply]
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Flushmount Pro [Supply]

The ultra-minimal, frameless floor vent. Flush with no rim - only a single rectangular air channel is visible. This model must be mounted prior to surface material. Install best done by a PRO.


Make sure you have the right size: SIZING TOOL

100% Manufactured in Canada 🍁

*Consult your HVAC specialist to ensure Aria is right for your system

  • Must be installed at sub-floor level prior to surface installation.
  • Best used on wall and ceiling applications that have different material other than drywall.
  • Compatible with any surface material: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, drywall. As long as the material is between ⅛” and ⅞” thick.
  • Air Flow - Full air flow control. Slide tray to access air flow dampers at any time.
  • Child Proof - Designed to catch items that kids can drop down the ducts.
  • Pet Proof - Flat with no crevices or grilles for our furry friends to get caught in.
  • Easy Cleaning - Slide and remove tray for easy duct cleaning.