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Alaya Collection by Arte Wallcovering

More than 2000 years after its establishment, the historic Silk Road still appeals to the imagination. Along a network of roads, heavily laden caravans transported silk and other luxury goods between the Far East and the Western world. A journey that was full of adventure, especially when passing through the high mountains of the Himalayas. Arte drew inspiration for its Alaya collection from this fabulous journey. This wallcovering will transport you back in time and take you on an adventurous journey along the Silk Road. Silk plays the leading role in the collection, alternating with impressive decors based on views of the Himalayas.

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Less To Do, More Tah Dah

Deco Wall Light
Your Price: $3,156.00

Deco Wall Light

Carefully handcrafted in England, the Adam Wall Light, Double is beautifully engineered and used in all interior spaces including hall, landing, living and dining areas. 


Desert Dreams - Arte Wallcovering

Desert Dreams takes you on an unlikely journey through the Sahara where desert sand, traditional textiles, the sun, colourful oases and all other elements of nature served as inspiration for the choices of materials, colours and textures.