Hector Finch 25th Anniversary Lookbook


"We are so thrilled to be presenting our 25th Anniversary Lookbook, telling the story of our journey from an Aladdin’s cave of antique light fittings to a brand recognised by the international design community.


 We are incredibly proud of our signature range of products, where our most recent designs follow the success of classic products like our Starback Wall Light. This was one of the first designs that Hector developed in our own manufactured collection and continues to sell to the design community today.


Hector’s passion for real craftsmanship and precision is felt and seen in every aspect of our product range; handmade fittings that are equal parts practical, functional and design-led. Their end-to-end quality could only be created by uniquely skilled craftsmen and with the highest quality materials.


Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy our 25th Anniversary Lookbook. "

"We have been incredibly proud to launch an enlarged and dedicated space showcasing an expanded collection of Hector Finch fittings within Harbinger, Los Angeles, in late 2021. Harbinger LA now displays the widest selection of Hector Finch products outside of London and New York. In addition to this, we have recently celebrated the launch of the expanded range within James Showroom, Dallas."


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