York Wallcoverings - Murals Resource Library Volume II

 Mural Resource Library Volume 2 presents the very best in artisanal techniques in depicting both natural and urban skylines on a grand scale. The abstraction of familiar scenic and thematic motifs become a conceptual landscape of watercolors, botanical renderings, oil on canvas, and pen and ink to tell a story of personal vision. Now including endless repeat murals for full room wraps, as well as traditional single wall and ceiling installations, the creative possibilities are endless.

Pop Floral Mural

Overlapping Layers of Lush Flowers produce a blanket of natural petals and blooms in Pop Floral Mural

Pop Floral Mural - Blue
Pop Floral Mural - Bright
Pop Floral Mural - Neutral

Capri Mural

Italy's Isle of Capri inspires the lush, watercolor scenic of pattern Capri Mural, in a surround of mountains, rugged coasts and the paradise of endless seas


Capri Mural Bright             Capri Mural Pastel


Watermark Mural

Inspired by ancient bookbinding techniques, Watermarks Mural floating colors create a marbled modern abstraction.


Watermark Mural - Black            Watermarks Mural - Blue


And many more! View full collection by clicking on image below:

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